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WTS Traction Shoe Soft Heel

WTS Traction Shoe Soft Heel


WTS Soft Heel - for sport and therapy!

​The rear half of the sole element is made of 52 steel and is only 5 mm thick, so it is relatively flexible. The polyurethane Soft Heel elements have a Shore hardness of 70 and therefore offer excellent shock absorption. The large surface of the polyurethane element provides optimum support for the limb. Soft Heel elements can be ground to the desired shape and thickness. In toe, the iron is hard, in order to allow direct transmission of forces. Traction and toe mobility are the same as for the WTS Solid iron.

​This shoe offers a lot of possibilities for correction, both for sport shoeing and for therapeutic shoeing. For example: Club foot / flat foot, palmar foot pain, navicular problems, pathologies of the deep flexor tendon insertion.

​WTS Soft Heel: cushioning, flexibility and support, for better performance and more comfort.

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