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WTS Revolution Sole Element

WTS Revolution Sole Element


WTS Revolution - light, flexible, changeable; the revolutionary Sport shoe!

​The concept of the WTS Revolution iron consists of three parts. The aluminum floor element is glued to the support edge of the wall. It is designed so as to allow the horizontal mechanism of the hoof (dilation and contraction of the horny box) and the vertical mechanism of the hoof (vertical displacement of the wall and glomes). There are four M6 diameter screw threads, two at the toe and two at the heel. Training iron in PE material lightweight is therefore fixed to the floor element using 4 screws. The Training Iron offers the following features: flexibility, A 3 degree angle, fork support, steel insert for better abrasion resistance, anti-slip protection in PUR crampons with studs. The WTS Revolution iron and the horn box form a single unit. The horse is like barefoot, but with more traction and protection. The Training Shoe iron can be unscrewed at any time and exchanged for a Competition Shoe iron. The latter is made of aluminum with grooves and a steel insert for better traction.

Iron Training Shoe in the stable, in the meadow, on the trail and in training.

Iron Competition Shoe in competition.

The WTS Revolution iron was first developed for race horses. The concept is now used successfully in other disciplines.

Therapeutic use for: weak heels, heels, pain on the hoop, ossification of the hoof cartilage.

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