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WTS Flex Heel Set Front/anterior

WTS Flex Heel Set Front/anterior



  • 2x Soft Heel Shoe
  • 2x Flex Heel Element
  • 4x Stud hole plugs
  • 17x Screws

WTS Flex Heel – Flexibility and support for more performance!

​The rear part of the Flex Heel 52 steel iron is only 5mm thick and is grooved, allowing great flexibility. THE vertical mechanism of the hoof is preserved despite the shoeing. The Flex Heel element made of soft polyurethane (90 Shore hardness) allows a strong shock absorption . The high-society abrasion resistance of this iron allows daily outdoor work. Thanks to the Flex Heel element, the frog is in contact with the ground and therefore contributes to the natural support of the back of the hoof. The Flex Heel element can be filed to the desired shape and angle. Although the back of the WTS Flex Heel iron is thicker and includes a wide polyurethane board, the iron is perfectly balanced because the front and back halves of the iron are exactly the same weight. The iron is not damped in the toe, in order to allow direct transmission of the tensile forces. Traction and toe mobility qualities are the same as for the WTS Solid iron.

The Flex Heel Front iron can be used for cases of navicular disease, pathology of the insertion of the deep flexor tendon, inflammation of the foot joint, lesion of the carpal flange of the TFP and in case of palmar pain.

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