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Narrow Rail Shoe

Narrow Rail Shoe

Note: All NANRIC aluminum shoes are grooved but not perforated, as the position and pitch of the nail hole is best left to the discretion of the farrier.

This shoe is a narrow version of the original rail to better suit long, narrow feet.

The aluminum four-point Redden Rail is a highly versatile shoe designed to significantly reduce deep flexor pull, reducing breakouts and elevating the heels. The degree of mechanics indicated by the shoe depends on several factors, the palmar angle, the depth of the sole, the integrity of the corneal-lamellar zone, the shape and resistance of the capsule, the cut, the adjustment and the app. Therefore, to make the best use of the desired level of mechanics, great thought must precede the planning stage. Properly positioned detailed soft tissue x-rays are extremely useful for pathological farriers and treating veterinarians to discuss and design adequate mechanisms that significantly reduce the forces involved. This shoe has evolved from hundreds of forged rails applied to Dr. Redden's international workload.
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