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Hind Rail Shoe

Hind Rail Shoe

Note: All NANRIC aluminum shoes are grooved but not perforated, as the position and pitch of the nail hole is best left to the discretion of the farrier.

The Narrow Full Rocker shoe is a narrow version of the original Full Rocker shoe forged from aluminum. The new shape saves you valuable time and effort and is quite easy to open and accommodate a wider toe. This versatile shoe can also be used as a rear pattern and is available with or without a steel insert in the toe for added strength and extended wear. It is currently available in 4 sizes (DFR2CN, 3CN, 4CN, 5CN).

The Full Rocker shoe is designed to offer a high-end mechanical breakover. The breaking point, or pivot point, of this shoe is located in the center of the shoe, allowing the horse to adjust its palmar angle on its own.

Horses with limited solar perfusion (blood supply) have little or no sole growth because there is a lack of sufficient nutrition in the cut line. By relieving tension deep in the digital flexors, the blood supply to the blades and soles of the feet is increased. This shoe provides the continuous self-adjustment the horse needs, even when stationary.

The Full Rocker shoe also helps improve stiff sole growth and provides farriers and veterinarians with a new option for treating a variety of problems associated with thin and painful soles. Lateral X-rays are useful for placement of trim and footwear, as well as an aid in evaluating progress.
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