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Equilox II (420mL)

Equilox II (420mL)

The Equilox ll Fast Set 420ml cartridge is used with the Equilox Dispensing Gun and Equilox Large Mixing Tips which are sold separately.
It is ideal for large applications and has a set time of 4-6 minutes and hardens in 6-8 minutes.

Equilox is an excellent composite with multiple uses. This composite makes hoof restoration a relatively simple task and works exceptionally well as a glue for securing aluminum shoes.

Dr. Redden uses Equilox to treat a variety of foot problems, including many of his large-scale cases of laminitis. Equilox provides the structural support and excellent adhesive properties necessary for full derotation (realignment) prior to deep flexor tenotomy. This product is a great alternative to traditional nailing when walls simply cannot accommodate nails.
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