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Cross Peen Hammer

Cross Peen Hammer

This popular industry standard hammer is ergonomically designed to work with the body's natural movements. Manufactured from premium quality forged and heat treated tool steel. Finished and fitted with a shock mounted wooden handle. Used by blacksmiths and farriers.

These hammers are all hand dressed and expertly finished. Forged hammers vary somewhat as they are hand forged and hand clad.

Uri Hofi is a true master blacksmith. He redefined the ancient craft of blacksmithing with a new ergonomic philosophy that results in less body fatigue and greater ease and skill in shaping metal on the anvil.

Uri uses the edge of the hammer to fill material in a single direction. This is one of his secrets to moving metal quickly and easily. If you hit the metal with the face of the hammer, the metal moves in all directions. If you hit the metal with the edge of the hammer, the metal moves in a direction perpendicular to the edge. It is ideal for drawing iron. Cross purlin is also used for fuller material. Uri uses it frequently to extend leaf patterns in a specific direction. The shape of the hammer allows it to be tilted easily during a blow without shaking the center of gravity. This is important for accurate blows - and is more difficult with traditional hammers.
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