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WTS Therapeutic Element

WTS Therapeutic Element


WTS Therapeutic: more comfort, better life!

​The sole element is made of 52 steel and is only 5 mm thick. The element in contact with the ground is covered with 15 mm of polyurethane with a Shore hardness of 70. The two parts are delivered separately. The farrier assembles them by screwing them according to the horizontal rotation of the horny box. That is, the sole element must correspond to the cornea, and the element in contact with the ground must correspond to the position of the foot bone.

​With the WTS Therapeutic, the entire underside of the hoof is protected and the foot strike is fully cushioned. The polyurethane element can be ground to the desired angle. Heel support and rolling can be worked separately. As the element in contact with the ground is closed, it prevents the accumulation of snow under the shoe. You can also mill grooves if you want to provide more grip on the ground (on grass or snow, for example).

It can also be used as cover iron, because the element in contact with the ground can be easily removed and replaced.

This iron is suitable for chronic laminitis, osteoarthritis, hoof injuries/traumas, and many other hoof and limb pathologies.

WTS Therapeutic: Thanks to its protective and cushioning properties, this iron relieves in case of chronic pathology. The horse enjoys a better quality of life. Possibilities for correcting the legs promote the healing process.

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